RE at Bishops'

RE plays a huge role at the Bishops' School and is thought of in the same regard as Maths and English. Throughout the school a different religion is taught alongside Christianity and the children are strongly encouraged to try and relate what they have learnt to their own personal beliefs. The children are given opportunities to develop spiritually whilst respecting the beliefs of others.
We also look at Cornwall as a spiritual place, and look for where each religion is represented in our county. This part of the syllabus is known as Curriculum Kernewek. 
Christian beliefs and values are integral to every part of school life at The Bishops', not just constrained to RE lessons. As well as Christianity being the core faith taught throughout the school, each year group learn about the other main religions as follows:
Reception - Stories about special times of the year e.g Chinese New Year
Year 1 - Judaism
Year 2 - Judaism
Year 3 - Hinduism
Year 4 - Sikhism
Year 5 - Judaism
Year 6 - Islam