In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.
The Bishops C of E Learning Academy

The Bishops' C of E Learning Academy

Distance Learning Information

In this section of Porth's Class Page you will find information about the opportunities for Distance Learning that we are currently providing. If you require paper copies of any of documents, these will be available from the school office from Thursday morning (19th March). Messaging on Dojo in advance will help us to make sure we have these ready for you.

In addition, we will also be using our Google Classroom platform to provide activities for learning online.  Please see instructions on how to log on below. Most children will log in using the details on the 'how to' guidance. We have also attached these into the front covers of exercise books when the children have been in school. If you are struggling to log on, please message me. 

In addition to the learning posted please see some useful information and resources below and continue to...

  • Read with your children daily. If you do not have books at home there are plenty of websites which have a free library of children's books (see some suggestions below).
  • Watch the RWI videos to support with recalling sounds and finding them in words:

    Set 2 sounds (red, green, purple and orange books)

    Set 3 sounds (orange, yellow, blue, grey and AR books)

    Can you make up some alien words using some of the special friends sounds that you know?

  • Practice the spellings which were given out at the start of this half term. We find the Look, say, cover, write, check method to be effective, however you can find lots of additional advice here.
  • Phonics play website - to play obb and bob and other phonics related games, the website has given a free login to use at home for complete access: Username: march20    password: home
  • Learn number bond facts and times tables with your child.
  • Watch these videos to help with handwriting when teaching your child pre-cursive letter formation.
There are many websites which have educational games should you which to complete additional learning with your children. I have added a few below and will continue to add more: 

Times Table Practice:

Online Library: 

Animated Story Books:

Range of resources for different subjects:



Our topic this half term has been Houses and Homes. Ask a grown up to read the poem below to you. What do you notice? The poem is using our senses to describe our home. Talk with a grown up - can you create your own home poem using your senses? 

My Home Poem:

I can smell the delicious crunchy toast sizzling in the toaster.
I can hear the sound of rain drops trickling down the windows.
I can taste the yummy scrumptious ice cream I had for dessert.
I can feel the warm radiator tickling my skin with it's heat.
I can see my family enjoying a cosy day in my home.
This is my home.




Have a look at the KIRF sheet below to see examples of learning that we have covered in Year 1 so far. Please look at Autumn 1 through to Spring 2 at this time. It gives good examples of maths learning which you could have a go at at home.

Practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, links to songs we use on YouTube to help us are on Google Classroom. Can you write these as calculations, e.g. 1x2=2   2x2=4




We have been learning all about materials, try and complete the materials worksheets which are in your distance learning packs. Go on a materials hunt and test materials to see why they are good for certain things. e.g. are they waterproof?




From 9am on Monday morning (23rd), Joe Wicks will be running a PE lesson on his Youtube channel everyday at the same time. If you want to check it out in the meantime, he already has lots of videos specifically for children on there too! 


Other learning opportunity ideas:

  • Set up a snack cafe, list items to choose from with prices and ask the children to pay for their snack using real coins.
  • Build a blanket fort/reading den.
  • Help with chores around the house
  • Practice telling the time to the hour and half past.
  • Practice recognising coins and counting money.
  • Verbally count to 50 and back.
  • See what the animals are doing at the different virtual zoos
  • Explore a virtual museum
  • Complete a scavenger hunt, click the link for some ideas around the home.


In Year 1 we also suggest having some time to choose your own learning, the children are very good at this in school, they could choose to challenge themselves in any area of their learning, including reading, writing, maths, history, science or geography. It would be great to see photos of these challenges on ClassDojo.


If you require any more information or support about the information above, please message me on Dojo.


Mrs Warren