The Bishops C of E Learning Academy

The Bishops' C of E Learning Academy


Investigating Life-Cycles!
We have really enjoyed observing the changes of our class caterpillars over the past month. We couldn't quite believe how small they started off, gradually getting bigger and bigger and shedding their exoskeletons. After that they spun their cocoons and after a couple of weeks some children were lucky enough to see the butterflies emerge from the Chrysalis.
We were even more surprised when a moth emerged from a cocoon that we found in the outdoor area and decided to find out similarities and differences between moths and butterflies. 
The children have loved writing about the life-cycle, writing messages to our butterflies and some have even been busy creating the stages of the life-cycle with Playdough and natural materials in the outdoor area.
Star of the week
Well done to Milly in Towan class for challenging yourself in your learning this week. We have been so impressed by the way that you are making links in your learning. Well done to Florence in Fistral Class for showing perseverance and enthusiasm in your writing. We are very proud of you!