The Bishops' Church of England Learning Academy is now closed for our half term holiday, from Monday 25th May to Friday 29th May 2020. Thank you.
The Bishops C of E Learning Academy

The Bishops' C of E Learning Academy

Collective Worship

Collective worship at Bishops’

Worship is integral to who we are. The children participate is a wide range of differing collective worships. These include: whole school collective worship which takes the form of a mini church service, Bible stories (open the book), singing collective worship, Key stage collective worship which focusses specifically on the Christian value for the term and a celebration/sharing assembly at the end of each week. Key elements to all of our worship include, biblical text and teaching, prayer, times of quietness and reflection and sharing the peace. Some of our older children form a worship group. These children sometimes lead collective worship or assist the adult leader. Our special link with St Michaels means that we have regular ‘services’ led by local church leaders, especially for specific times in the church year such as lent, harvest and Pentecost. The children themselves have a say in how we run this important part of our school life through conferencing. The children are also taught the importance of taking communion for Christians. Children in Year 5 are given lessons and ultimately, the chance to take communion for the first time at a very special service in St Michaels. We ensure that this part of the children’s school life is both memorable and meaningful.