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The Bishops' C of E Learning Academy

Barnardos - Healthy Relationships

On Tuesday 19th March, Danny from Barnardos kindly came in and spent the morning with Year 2, talking about Healthy Relationships. Throughout the morning, the children covered a range of topics in a variety of ways. First of all they discussed a range of toys and whether or not they were toys specifically for boys or girls or both. They also talked about Trusted Adults and who they might be (including parents, teachers, family members etc). A bit later they watched a short puppet performance featuring Punch and Judy and discussed 'Healthy Relationships' and 'Safe / Unsafe Secrets' and at the end of the session, they revisited the NSPCC's 'pants' talk that we had delivered earlier in the year. The children had a great morning and really enjoyed themselves whilst developing an understanding of some really important topics.