The Learning Academy Trust - TLAT

The Learning Academy Trust - TLAT

The Learning Academy Trust is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) which our school joined in September 2016.

Lisa Mannall is Chief Executive Officer with overall responsibility for the schools within TLAT and the strategic growth of the Trust.

TLAT is a Department of Education approved Academy Sponsor.

The Learning Academy Trust (TLAT) works in close partnership with academies who previously worked together under the banner of the KCT and which are now organised into three academy trusts:  TLAT, NET (Newquay Education Trust) and ACE (Atlantic Centre of Excellence) Trust.  Together we work closely in association with the Kernow Teaching School Alliance.

TLAT works in close partnership with NET and ACE to deliver School Improvement at partner Academy sites against a rigorous audit and action planning process. This is a positive development for all schools in the Trust in their relentless drive to achieve best value and maximise school improvement opportunities.

Together we develop and utilise all our expertise in supporting Trust Schools in the following ways:

  •  Focus on the quality of teaching and learning to ensure that all pupils receive an outstanding education
  • Raise standards in the lowest performing schools through our team of experienced school leaders and consultants
  • Ensure effective performance management systems are in place to support improvement
  •  Provide value for money
  • Develop our leadership, management and governance teams
  • Provide support for Local Advisory Boards/Governors in raising standards

 TLAT Key Statutory Documents - Please find links to our key documents below.

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